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Introducing Folk + Nest by Emma & Sam

a couple of friends, kindred spirits, two women driven by considered design, motherhood, and a shared passion for curating and creating inspired, beautiful things to put out into the world. Designed and printed in Ireland. Produced under FSC standards.

Contemporary creatives who are coming together once again with our latest labour of love, to enhance milestone moments in the lives of your loved ones, with a collection of special, luxury greetings cards and prints to celebrate those significant days.

Quality, unique design and sustainable materials are at the core of Folk + Nest, reflecting the values of our already established brands, Goose & Gander and Farmyard the Label.

We are bringing you nursery and early days themed stationary but the heart of the brand, is family; our vision it to encompass all walks of family life through our designs.

A card or print, carefully selected from one loved one to another – is more than just a card, it’s a thoughtful keepsake that represents all of your feelings, dreams and hopes for the recipient.

We cannot wait to help form part of these moments and memories with Folk + Nest!

Thoughtfully yours,

Emma & Sam x


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